Fiddler’s Road



As part of Fiddler Magazine’s 20th Anniversary celebration, they will release a compilation CD with 20 Fiddlers spanning a wide range of styles including Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Bluegrass, Old time, Cajun, Jazz/Swing, Texas contest, Swedish, Mexican and Canadian.  I composed a new song for this project to represent the Texas contest style and it is called “Fiddler’s Road”.  The magazine is planning to advertise the CD in their Spring 2014 issue for purchase.  The title of my song is taken from a small road by the farm where my parents lived and I was raised.  Grayson County named the road “Fiddler’s Road” some years ago.  They must of realized how many fiddler’s had traveled that road to my parents house and how much fiddling took place there.  Thanks to Fiddler Magazine for asking me to be a part of their 20th Anniversary CD!  I look forward to hearing all the fiddlers and their songs!